ExGF Sex Tape Submitted for Revenge Porn

My name is Carlo and to honor my Italian name, this post is my vendetta! (aka revenge porn. I want to expose my now my ex girlfriend. Her real name is Amalia Riggatti. In public, we were the classic boring couple but in private man, it was very different! We used to have threesomes and big sex parties with alcohol, drugs, random people, hookers, almost all her drunk friends, shit like that. (watch this leaked real submitted revenge porn video below).

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Her body is hot, big boobs and a good taste for cum (not only mine). After fuck her from behind, she loved to suck my cock and my friend’s dick too. Yeah, my ex-gf Amalia is a cocksucker whore!

She was my bitch so it was okay to me that other dudes had sex with my girlfriend. I loved to watch her suck cocks, eat pussy, anal sex, get different cocks every day, things like that. We loved to make our own amateur sex movies, I have several private videos that I want to public here. There is a good one showing my ex-GF totally covered on cum by two random latinos.

ExGF Sex Tape Revenge Porn

But a month ago, she sent me by mistake an email that i was never supposed to see. It was she saying she is now in love with a woman! I mean, we had many sex parties with girls but I never thought my horny and loved ex-girlfriend could fall in love with a girl and leave me alone. So what I will do now is to publish here all my ex-GF amateur sex videos. You can call it ‘revenge exgf porn’ if you want. I prefer to call it: Vendetta!

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ExGF Sex Tape Submitted for Revenge Porn
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